Tuesday, 28 June 2011

day 28- angry running

I will apologise for the downbeat blog entry now, I will keep it short. Even though the sun is shining I am in a rainy mood. Yet another job interview disappointment yesterday, which after a good start to the day really brought me down. This morning I just wanted to ignore the sun streaming through my window and stay in bed but Juneathon has got me this far though the month so I got up and faced the sunshine (making sure I had my factor 50 on).

Went my easy route along the Innocent cycle path taking it pretty easy after my 8miles yesterday.
I did have a good sprint in the last mile or so thanks to some angry music which really helps let off some steam. This is in fact one of my fav running tunes:

time: 39mins16secs
calories: 498
angry tunes: 1


  1. Awww. Sorry to hear that. Do you feel a bit better for the run? Hope your day picks up.

  2. I hope you have some luck finding a job soon. Hopefully running will help you stay positive.

  3. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Don't know what your angry music is as it won't play on my iPhone ...grrr stupid Apple Corp!

  4. Good luck, that perfect job is definitely out there just waiting for you!