Wednesday, 29 June 2011

day 29 - on writing and running

My run wasn't too exciting today - though I did pass my 100 mile mark!! I am well and truly knackered as well, but happy with surpassing my target (by 3 miles).

Today I wanted to say something about a book I'm reading. I've only been really getting more into my running since my marathon (and Juneathon has also helped a lot!) and this has meant I am starting to look at running related literature. My mum bought me Paula Radcliffe's 'How to Run' which was more a help with training rather than a proper read from cover to cover type book. Yesterday I bought Haruki Murakami's 'What I Talk About When I Talk About Running' and I'm already almost finished. I haven't read anything else of his but as a runner, with a great interest in writing and reading (I'm a English Literature graduate), I am really enjoying this and am finding it very inspiring. For all you Juneathoners - this guy runs EVERY DAY, ALL YEAR ROUND. And he averages 6 miles a day - I know, impressive! I share many of his sentiments and approach to running (though I will never be has hardcore as him)- I like doing it as a solo activity and am more interested personal goals than in competing with others. He also talks about writing and though the closest I will get to being a writer will be this blog - Like many English Literature students I have always like the idea that I have a novel in me (though I very much doubt this will ever happen).

Cant' believe its the last day of Juneathon tomorrow. Will miss all the banter and the routine of blogging every day and reading everyone elses. Having seen that others can run every day on a yearly basis I am going to try and go for 6 days a week, maybe not doing as much mileage but I am enjoying the routine of going out every day and, certainly as long as I'm still unemployed I will keep running to keep my spirits up and giving me something to get out of bed for.

Onto today's Stats:

Distance: 6.62mi
Time taken: 01:02:09
Average/Max Speed : 6.39/11.72 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:09:24/00:05:07
Calories: 804


  1. Well done passing the 100 mark. Fantastic achievement. Have a lovely run tomorrow

  2. I have been meaning to read that (I'm also a English Lit graduate) and now I will. Thanks. Well done on your century