Wednesday 8 June 2011

day 8 - a rare gym visit

8 days into Juneathon and my first visit to the gym. Partly due to my ankle (thankfully the pain seems to have eased now) and partly due to impending storm clouds- I don't fancy being struck by lightning - I decided to validate my monthly payment to my gym.

Despite having one of those mornings where I just wanted to hide under my duvet I was so glad I dragged my carcass up the road as I felt a lot better for it. I ended up doing a pretty decent session on the ski machine. I also managed to do a decent weight training session which I don't often do. I've always found doing weights a tedious part of the whole exercise regime and a particularly hard one. However, when I discovered my 62 year old mum can do proper press-ups, rather than the girlie version on your knees I came to the realisation that I should be doing more to build my upper body strength.  So I'm taking advantage of a nice quiet gym and do a full circuit of the weight machines - apart from the ones that I can't work out how to use without causing myself serious injury.

I am still pretty far off even doing the girlie push-ups properly I feel I am making a bit more of an effort.

distance- 7kms
time- 40mins
calories- 489

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  1. Progress is, I think, a big part of Juneathon. I hope on day 30 we can all look back and surprise ourselves at how far we've come, although it'll probably mean less duvet time and more dragging carcass to gym woes!