Monday, 6 June 2011

day 6 - grumpy run

I'm afraid I'm not in a particularly cheery mood today as I received another job rejection email and had to fork out over £300 to insure my not-really-worth-much-more-than-that car and this was all before 10am. In light of this I will keep this short to prevent any gloomy ranting.

Did quite a cathartic, fast (well, for me anyway) run round the estate where my folks live. It was cold though (is summer ever going to last more than 1 day in a row this year?!) so done one 2 mile-ish loop.

Hopefully I will be in better mood tomorrow - Have another job interview to prepare for-happy days :)

Distance  2.13 miles
Time: 19mins 04secs
Avg: 6.7m/h
max speed: 10.8m/h

1 comment:

  1. I also have no job at present but am using it as an opportunity to do lots of things I've not had time to do in the past! Who wants to work for a living anyway? Enjoy the time while you can. Keep that running going!