Saturday, 4 June 2011

day 4 - running as hangover cure??

I wouldn't recommend running with a hangover, but due to Juneathon commitments, today I was forced into doing just that.  It was also my first hangover for a while thanks to marathon training so it was a particularly bad one. The journey to said hangover was worth it though - I have to say it was rather nice being out on a Friday, (a hot sunny one at that) sitting out drinking wine, forgetting about the job-interview ordeal I endured earlier that day and the fact that I can't really afford to be out drinking!!

Got through the next morning by staying in bed the decamping to the living room to dozily watch some episodes of Friends (for the millionth time possibly). Finally I reluctantly put my running gear on and braved the outside world - one which had got decidedly colder overnight!!  Surprising I managed about 4 miles at not a bad pace (around a 10 minute mile average).  Also got peeped at by a couple of passing motorcyclists (assuming they were the vehicular equivalent of a wolf-whistle) which my feminist side would just roll her eyes at but another part of me was secretly happy about, considering I'm not feeling particularly pleasant-looking.

Being Saturday night I'm sipping a glass of vino whilst tapping away...though will be limiting myself to the one tonight!!


distance: 3.9 miles
time: 39 mins
calories: 424
appreciative motorcyclists: 2


  1. Woohoo! Well done you. And thanks for giving me a nudge in the right direction this afternoon. Enjoy the wine!

  2. I used to enjoy a bottle of E&H Gallo Zinfandel red at the weekend, but gave up alcohol about 8 years ago. Never missed it. Until Juneathon! Everyone, yes EVERYONE was out drinking last night! Am I the only one who stayed sober. I feel soooo left out. Damn you Juneathon!!!!!!

  3. Well done on getting a hangover. Nice run too.