Sunday 19 June 2011

day 19 - bands, booze and biking

Another hungover day. It was totally worth it though, as had a very late boozy Saturday night in which I discovered a brilliant band playing at a lovely local pub on the Cannongate.
Anyway, the upshot was I stayed in bed till around mid-day today and couldn't bear the thought of a run, so my bike once again came to the rescue. I decided to combine a my ride with a trip to the supermarket to pick up the Sunday papers along with some ingredients for the dinner that I was making for my lovely dad for Fathers Day (yummy risotto in case you wondered - it is my fail-safe dish).
It was an ok ride - although there were a couple of nasty hills where I could feel all the effects of my weekend of indulgence working their evil magic. 

So, not the best weekend on the Juneathon exercise front, but I had two excellent nights out so its all good really. Will be getting back on track tomorrow with the running.

Distance: 6.96 miles
Time: 40mins (or round about, not sure as I didn't have my garmin, or a watch on)
cals: not enough to compensate for the wine and food consumed on Saturday!

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant weekend. Work hard, play hard! Juneathon hard this week? Last 10 days!!! Yay.