Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 2 - summer running

Today is officially summer in Edinburgh. After all my moaning about the wind and unseasonable temperatures I was looking forward to getting out for a run in the sun...that is until I had run 1/2 mile up the hill and caught myself thinking that running when its hot is not always that great.  I am also adding to my already weird looking tan lines - you can quite clearly tell where my running tights stop and my socks begin. One of my hands is also browner than the other after a very long cycle ride a week ago. Need shorts I think, or a much higher sunscreen - after all a goth with a suntan is plainly just wrong!

Anyway, back to my actual run....due to heat and my still suffering from the sniffles I cut my run short to one lap of the meadows (where people were mocking my sweaty self by lounging in the sun building BBQs and drinking). Was glad to return to my decidedly cooler flat.

distance: 4.2miles
time: 40mins
cals: 475

1 comment:

  1. Weather forecast in Manchester tomorrow is for sun, sun and more sun! Safe to say that running in blistering heat is definitely not my thing!
    Who's bright idea was this Juneathon!?!
    Good luck!