Tuesday, 21 June 2011

day 21 - Rainy day Tuesday

What? Raining Again?? Yes!!  It is Tuesday, it is signing on day at the Job Centre and the weather sucks (it has done every signing on day since I started - coincidence??).  At first it was only a little drizzly and I thought I would still be able to brave a outdoor run but by the time I got home Arthur Seat looked ready to be engulfed in a big wet cloud so I wimped out and went to the gym.

To make up for the loss of effort that treadmill running means I really tried to push myself and put it on a 1% incline and increased the speed every 2 mins until I was running at a pace of 11 on the speed display on the machine.

Also did 20mins on the Ski machine and a circuits of weights and a short set of core/abs exercises.

Feeling suitably tired now but in that nice, endorphin-rush kind of way :)

Stats (Totals):
7.79 miles
1hr16 mins 20secs
cals: LOADS!


  1. Know what you mean, Wednesday is my signing-on day and if that isn't depressing enough, it usually rains too. The JobCentre+ is just that distance away thats too near to waste money on bus fare, and far enough to ensure a thorough soaking if I walk! Bummer.

  2. Nice work out. Good luck in your jobsearch