Wednesday, 22 June 2011

day 22- mid-week quickie

And so the rain continues...and yet another gym visit...yawwwwn. Had to do a short session of 30mins on the treadmill as I had my second interview today which I wanted to do a bit more preparation for (though I doubt that did me much good overall). I also wanted the rest of the afternoon post-interview to go for a stress relieving drink with my lovely mum and dad.

After a slow start I actually managed to do get a bit of speed work into my 30mins. I have to say that treadmills seem to clock up the same mileage in a certain time no matter how fast/slow you go.

Now, can the rain please give it a rest pleeeese?? Or, I'll make do with making August an Indian summer in time for the festival :)

Distance: 5.12km
Time: 30mins 2secs
Cals: 334


  1. Good luck with the job hunting.

  2. Rain rain go away! As if Juneathon isn't hard enough already... we're all getting soaked too. Hope those interviews are going well :)