Friday 17 June 2011

day 17- pumping iron

I tried to motivate myself to run outside today, I really did but it looked cold and about to rain (which it turned out it was and it did) so I opted for the comfort of the gym. I usually don't like the gym, even in the quiet times. I get bored. However, today I rather enjoyed it and I think my legs thanked me for a break from the pavement pounding. It also allowed me to do a proper weights session - I did most of the machines apart from the chin-up one where you have to kneel on the pad (unless you are hardcore and do without) as my bruised knee prevents any such stance.  Usually I don't like going into this part of the gym as it is generally frequented by posing uni students who spend more time lolling on the equipment rather that actually doing anything. And another point - having your upper body twice the size of your lower body reaally isn't attractive!

I did do cardio as well. Only managed the treadmill for 26mins as the music videos were a bit crap - there is only so much sing-by-numbers R&B I can take. Though I did get a rare Placebo video which cheered me up. Also did 25 mins on the ski machine.

I won't be including this in my Junethon tally but will also be doing some more exercise tonight via some Ceilidh dancing. If anyone has partook of this they will know that it is a rather tiring activity but I do find that it is a lot easier when fuelled by alcoholic beverages in between dances :)

I have a feeling tomorrow will be a less energetic day!

Total distance: 8kms
Time: 51mins
Cals: about 539

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