Saturday 22 January 2011

Day 22 - the trapeize workshop that wasn't to be

Well today I only went on a shortish run as I was wanting to save my energy for a trapeize and circus skills workshop I was supposed to be going to in Glasgow today. So at 9am I wandered bleery eyed into the cold and grey day. I would normally go round holyrood park which is a nice 3miles but instead went inbetween in. There are various paths you can do in the park and this one is almost half way between Arthur Seat (pretty much the top of the volcano) and Salisbury crags, which you can also run along the top of to give you good view of Edinburgh and further afield.

I took the opportunity of this route to do some hill work in a sort of fartlek style, running to fixed points where there was a shrub or a rock then a wee recovery walk then a full on effort to the top of the hill.

As it turned out I could have done a longer run as my friend who was coming with me to the circus skills workshop got her date mixed up and thinking the workshop was next week had taken herself off to London for the weekend...oh well. Hoping to rebook it for later.

Now I know I could still go to the workshop on my own but the inner child in me doesn't want to be in class with no friends as it is a 'divide into groups' situation. And it is always fun to do these types of things with a fellow friend to laugh at you as you fall on your face.

So now I have a free day to chill out a bit and prepare myself for a nice long run in the pentlands tomorrow :)

distance: 2.2miles
time: 21 mins 03secs
cals: 291

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  1. Such a scenic city! Sounds like a lovely run.