Friday 21 January 2011


Running at work is a bit of a pain but I didn't have much choice today. One early morning run in a week is more than enough. So I stuffed my kit in my rucksack along with my painfully healthy lunch and lugged it on the bus ride into work.

It was actually nice to do a different route and there is a handy path away from the main road behind the office - it is not surprising that quite a few fellow collegues go running regularly at lunchtime. Thankfully didn't bump into anyone I knew - there is something not right about seeing work collegues exercising.

Due to my efforts yesterday I did find it a bit of a struggle and various bits of my body are starting to complain...and I just tell them to shut up.

Due to this mid-work session I had a lunch hour instead of a 30min one sitting at my desk so that must be good for me!

Totals for today:

Distance: 2.67 miles
Time: 25mins 29secs
Cals: 286

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