Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 26 - where everyone else is too fucking fast!!

Outside again! looking like rain but decided to chance it. Done a route I haven't done in a while as quite frankly it always seemed to far to get to the meadows where you can do laps and it ends up being a long run...and there are proper runners there. One of the reasons I haven't joined a running club or indeed partake in any kind of group running or sporting (at least since tennis as a kid) is that it reminds me how much better others are at it than me.

Now I'm not really built for running (I'm what you would call curvy with a need to spend alot on sports bras) so I really should just be glad a get by. However when I'm happily jogging along at my own pace thinking I'm actually doing ok some athletic sleek looking girl shoots past me with such ease it shouldn't be allowed! Now usually I don't really take much notice but today there were so damn many of them I was starting to feel the creeping feeling of inadequacy. I really did think I was making progress. This thought was quickly squashed by a short skinny girl (she looked about 14!) shot by me, looking like she was taking a leisurely stroll...I did try to speed up but it nearly killed me so I slowed to a slow jog.

Anyway...moral to this story is ignore the running-wizard bastards and enjoy your own pace whatever it may be.

Distance: 4.6 miles
Time: 44mins 48secs
people who shot past me: ooohh about 8 (grrrr)

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