Thursday, 6 January 2011


My internet connection is trying its very best to thwart my attempts to log and blog so having to keep it short (my brain is also starting to shut down)  I almost didn't manage exercise today as after a long and difficult day at work and a rather unsuccessful trip to the supermarket (the one thing I go for and reeally needed and they didn't have it) all I really wanted to do was curl up in bed but good sense prevailed and I dragged my carcass out of the door
Due to the baltic weather I decided the gym was the best bet and happily, against my expectations the gym was surprisingly quiet.

Managed 30 mins on the treadmill and 24mins on the Cross Trainer. 4.6km and 4.0km respectively

Now before I lose all details I am signing off and going to bed with a good book.

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