Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Another very windy run, but this time wore long trousers to save my lower legs from turning blue! Managed to build on yesterday's run and managed 3.85miles in 43 mins.

Was up and out pretty early so not much sign of life except some squirrels, birds and some hardy golfers. Had hoped to see the partial eclipse on my run but sadly it was far too cloudy.

In the past I've suffered alot of problems with my feet/knees etc. but so far I've been ok...however, today I could feel the familiar sensation of a blister forming (always in the same place on my right foot, inside arch in the middle) I wear proper running socks and got my trainers fitted for me at Run 4 It so not sure what else I can do Hopefully it is mainly from my lack of running in december and my feet should harden up soon.

Anyway back to work tomorrow so will be back to the warmth and comfort of the gym for a couple of days :)


  1. I was hoping to see the eclipse on my walk, but, alas, too much cloud here too. :-( Well done on your run! Hope that blister heals up soon!

  2. With you on the tracksters I donned hat and gloves as well!