Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day15-Running up north

I'm writing this on my friend's loovvvely MacBook (oh how I wish I could afford one) in Aberdeen. Thankfully she has been very accommodating and did not mind me buggering off for a run on my weekend visit. Luckily there is a nice pathway to go 2 mins away from the flat. Very similar in fact to the old Innocent railway path in Edinburgh. Nice and flat too so it wasn't too much of a slog, even managed to go a 9 minute mile :)

It was grey and wet but at least not raining. Now that my running duty has been fulfilled I am planning to go explore the rest of this city that I have never really had the chance to look at properly

Total distance: 3.16 miles
Total time: 31 mins 56 secs
Cal: 406 (translating into a few glasses of vino later!!)

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