Sunday, 23 January 2011

Day 23 - Run to the hills

For a change of scenery and to get out of the city, today I used my visit to the folks to go for a nice run in the Pentand hills. Not a particularly nice day but not raining so a bonus!

I like the fact that I live in the city centre but I can just jump in the car and be in the country side in about half and hour.

Starting off, my ankles were playing up with nasty shooting pains (I have had bad ankles since doing ballet as a child) but found they eased off after the first mile or so. Flotterstone is a very popular spot for walkers, runner and cyclists...which is why I was out early to avoid the crowds..there is something nice about having a wide expanse of water, hills and sky to yourself.

There are a few steep, long hills on this route so that slowed me down. But what goes up...and enjoyed a lovely childish-arms-flailing-in-the-air-style descent until the appearace of the afore mentioned crowds where I went back to normal-person mode.

Managed a nice round 6miles in 1hour 2mins (I have managed a 10k in 48mins with a bit more training) but I feel I'm on my way in the fitness stakes.
Rewarding myself with a nice glass of wine and making the folks Sunday luch :)

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