Tuesday 25 January 2011

Day 25 - treadmill intervals

Oh...its going to be a long week...it feels like it should be Friday.  Needless to say am not in the best frame of mind today for various reasons.  After a long day at work all I felt like was alcohol or failing that making a beeline for my bed. So once again I had to enforce my willpower and remind myself that I'm only a week away from finishing my goal.

For comfort I went to the gym as really couldn't face running in the dark and cold evening. I also decided to have a good session today but the treadmill is so boring I took the opportunity to do some interval training. so after a 10min warm-up I did 30mins of 2mins at speed 11 (getting to 12 for the last couple) and fast walking at a incline of 5 and finished off with a 5min cool down.

Amazed I made it through 48mins as there was a VERY annoying squeeky bike machine behind me and had to stop myself having an incredible-hulk style episode...I wonder if there are many cases of gym-rage?

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