Monday 17 January 2011

Day17-Hardcore Training

After a low-key Sunday, thought I should try a little harder today. I had the day off work as was coming  back from Aberdeen and as it was a good, sunny day I took the advantage and went for an interval training session down the innocent railway path which is nice and flat so good for fast running (Though 'fast' for me at the moment is a relative term) Its the first interval session I've had since I've done since training for the haf-marathon last September so it was a bit of a challenge.

I decided on 8 reps of 2mins hard running with 30 seconds recovery. This turned out to be rather tough and my speed declined towards the end though I managed to average about 7mph which isn't too bad considering I'm out of practice.

I'm aslo happy that my strict stretching routine I've enforced seems to be working and my old injuries seem to be keeping quiet.

Total distance: 4.37 miles
Total time: 42mins 47secs

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