Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 27 - indoor skiing

A gym evening...although I felt like I had already done a workout trying on my shiny new shockabsorber running sports bra. I got the size that the rest of my bras (sports and otherwise) are but this one was particularly 'snug'. Also, because of the two fasener thing I almost dislocated my shoulder trying to do it up. Anyway after much struggling I was all done and feeling very strapped up - these babies will not be doing much bouncing now!

Not really much to report gym-wise, just a solo bout on the cross-trainer so instead will write a little about my musical choices of last night which I forgot to mention.

Now I am pretty particular about my music and am a bit of a rock chick (with a bit of goth/hippy thrown in) so I don't really go in much for the pumping dance tracks that you get with the running compilations you get....however, I heard about audiofuel and saw you could download a sample which I did...a while ago. I have never got round to listening to it - until last night. And I have to say I was rather happily surprised and I would also say that it did make me run a little bit harder. I am actually thinking about buying a proper compilation...although it will have to be on rotation with my hard-rock running playlist :)

distance: 7.5kms
time: 1 hour
cals: about a curry's worth! (560cals)

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