Friday, 14 January 2011

Day14-Its so very early!

It is very wrong to have the alarm clock go off at 5:45am. Feeling headachey (from only a glass and a half of wine last night!?!) and peeking outside to see it was raining with gusto. But on my running shoes went and waterproof jacket. As I finished my run last night at 8pm my body was still feeling the effects and this morning's jog was pretty hard going and had to keep it short as still had to organise myself for a weekend in Aberdeen and still get myself into the office for 8am.

It always amazes me how many people are up and doing stuff so early in the morning...sane people are still warm and cosy in their beds. But the roads were pretty quiet which reduced the chances of me getting knocked over considerably - all my running gear is black or some other dark colour, should really get some high vis things as my road crossing technique is not up to much either.

Total distance: 1.5miles
Total time: 12min38secs
Cals: 192

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