Saturday, 8 January 2011


More snow...arrrghhh

Total: 7km, 44mins
Treadmill: 5kms, 32mins, 397 cals
Cross Trainer: 2kms, 12.48

Another gym day due to the snow. I know other hardy people run in the snow but even walking the short distance to the gym I nearly fell twice so running in it is definitly out!
Usual routine of treadmill and a short cross trainer session.
Was feeling pretty knackered after completeing the lengthy and hard-going stretches the physio gave me after my injuries sustained training for my last half marathon. The injury has since healed but I keep up the exercises to stop it reoccuring.
Unfortunately my plan to collapse in a heap had to be postponed until after tackling tiding my flat and hoovering (I have been given a dyson on very short term loan so it needed doing now). I know why I don't do my housework - one because I don't like it and 2 I was more tired after doing that than after a 3 mile run. Anyway, that it done a least for a couple of weeks :)

Now the rest of the day is going to be spent reading then going out for movie and dinner - much better than housework!

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