Tuesday 11 January 2011

Day11 Of ice, the return of the student hordes and ridiculous diets

Total distance: 7.4km
Total time: 45 mins

OK, bored of the ice that is preventing outdoor running without risk or serious incident. And now the gym is humming with the return of all the uni students. I have found that one of the drawbacks of being a member of a University gym is that every year I get older but most of my fellow gym-goers stay the same age!

Thankfully I managed to nab one of the few cross trainers left and managed a good 45 mins. Decided to give the treadmill a miss due to the fact that my knee is sore even walking. Ice pack will be out tonight.

As often goes with the new year's new exercise routine, I usually attempt to adopt a similarly healthy approach to diet (though nothing will make me give up my wine and cheese!). These diet-related thoughts are usually helped along with all the magazines which are stuffed full of new diets claiming to be the next 'revolutionary' way to lose the weitgh and keep it off. I have, in my time come across some mad diets but the one that I came across in the weekend's Sunday Times Style suppliament is probably the maddest I have come across so far. It calls itself the 'Evolutionary' diet and goes on the premise that we should be eating the way our ancestors from the stone age ate...I.e. fruit, nuts and the occational bit of meat/fish, pressumabley caught by your own bare hands. Now some of this made a bit of sense but it also says we can happily skip meals now and again (now I always thought this was generally considered a bad thing to do) and says that pasta, potatoes, chickpeas (??) and various other foods I thought were considered very healthy are very bad. However, the maddest claim was that seeds were to be avoided as they contain 'antinutrients'. Now I thought seeds were very healthy with omega oils etc, and I would really love to know what the hell an antinutrient is.

Anyway, that is my rant over with and no doubt this diet will eventually disappear into the vault of faddy unrealistic diets dreamed up by sadists.

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