Monday, 13 June 2011

day 13 - bike to the rescue

Woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over. My midgie bites have been driving me crazy and I'm walking like a new-born deer (which is an improvement on yesterday!). There was no way I was going to manage to go for a run so it was up to the bike to save me from missing any more of my Juneathon duties. Wasn't too bad going either, despite having to do quite a bit of pot hole dodging and getting very muddy on the woodland track part of it. Unfortunately after the 50mile outing a few weeks ago, my gears have decided to not bother going into first so the up-hill sections were slow and I even gave up and got off and walked in parts.

I have to say I wouldn't make a mountain biker, I get scared going over tree roots and mud and muddy stones. I always go pretty slow over these parts. It doesn't help that I've had my bike since I was about 14 so isn't the most high-tech of things with the wheels skidding at the hint of mud and any type of obstacle

distance: 7.49 miles
Time: 48mins 8secs
itchy midgie bites: dozens (I've lost count)


  1. Well done for getting oit. Im a bit wimpy on my bike. Still you got a good 7 miles in and hopefully your aches will be even more improved tomorrow

  2. Well done Catherine for getting out there at all after your weekend adventure. I gave up mountain biking years ago, my bum much prefers a comfy armchair... what a wimp!