Friday 24 June 2011

day 24- buggy dodging at the seaside

Pleased with myself today as did my longest run since the Edinburgh marathon in May. It was silly not to take advantage of the rare nice sunny conditions. I did one of my fave long run routes which was down to the seaside at Portobello. I even did a half mile along the sand which unfortunately lead to getting said sand in my trainers. I had a pretty good pace going for the first half of my run and there was a nice atmosphere at the seaside with people sensing the presence of sun came out to wander along the promenade. On the downside a lot of these people included young couples with buggies and assorted little people dawdling around (I am not the maternal type). This created a bit of an obstacle course for me and coupled with quite a strong head wind on my journey back, my pace dropped a bit.

Was actually surprised at how comfortably I managed over 9miles and am having serious thoughts of going in for the Glasgow half marathon to see if I can improve on my time. Having said that it costs about £25 minimum to enter and I have no money. I thought running was supposed to be a cheap sport!

distance:  9.5miles
time:1hour 26mins
Avg Speed:6.6 mph
Avg Pace: 0:09:02
calories: 1024
buggies almost run into: about 10


  1. The 'Powers That Be' have twiggef on to the fact that there's money to be made from running. I entered next years Great Manchester Run a few weeks ago and it cost £35 - for a 10k run! No reductions for the unemployed either.. the greedy b******s!
    Well done on today's seaside run.

  2. Misread your title and thought you were budgie dodging!! ;)

  3. Reading your post it only just occurred to me that buggies are never a problem for me...but then running with a brindle staff cross usually makes them leap out of the way dragging their little monsters with them. Bliss!

    Get thee to a rescue centre :)