Thursday, 9 June 2011

day8- hats and gloves, seriously?

I think we should invent the seasons cause they aren't what they used to be. I mean its second week into june and there is talk of snow in the highlands (ok, on the mountainy bits but still!!). Out on my run, well it was more of a jog, I encountered a lady not only wearing long tights and long-sleaved top but a hat and gloves. I agree that it is hardly high summer temperatures here in Edinburgh - it is struggling to get to 15degrees celecius - but I think most people can managed without the winter gear.

Today I wasn't really feeling like a person who completed a marathon several weeks ago. Currently feeling lethargic and heavy so it was more of a laboured jog today. Although I have to say I went the opposite way round holyrood park which includes a long and rather steep incline. The upside to this is the last half mile is a lovely downhill bit which I do rather like to run down like a big kid, waving my arms about in abandon :)

I was originally going to add on the radical road bit of the crags on my way back but the wind had picked up so much that I thought it would be in danger off blowing me off the crags to my death, and plus it starts with another nasty hill so I was lazy and didn't bother.

distance- 3.3miles
time: 32mins52secs
calories: 392
runners in hat and gloves: 1


  1. You have certainly had very different weather to us in East Anglia. We have had hardly any rain since March lawns are brown and some fields are so dry that you can almost lose your foot in one of the cracks

  2. Many, many years ago I ran from Campbeltown to Machrihanish the long way round, over the hills and along the coast of the Mull of Kintyre, in December, in the snow! It was freezing!
    Extra Juneathon points for braving the weather Scots runners?

  3. Nice run. Everyone is entitled to "a lazy day" especially after a recent marathon.