Friday, 13 June 2014

Day 13: Not feeling it...

All I wanted to do when I got home today was open a bottle of wine and curl up on the sofa. It was after 6pm after a looooong day at work and a trip to the supermarket. I had a lovely BIG pile of washing up to do because a certain someone had to convenient excuse of a power cut not to do any...

In amounst all this I managed a paltry 2.2miles of the park. To make me feel even better about the evening, I bumped into a friend who was out to do a 'couple of laps' of the park. This amounts to over 6 miles of running with some fairly steep hills. I felt a little deflated.

I have exactly 3 weeks until my first ever trail event - a half marathon round Coniston Lake. So far I've done no more than 4 miles. I am a little worried.

At least I'm not doing the Tough Mudder this year - and on that note - Good luck to everyone who is doing it this year. Next year I plan to drag a few friends out to get an awesome team together :)

So something for anyone going for TM this year - me at last obstacle - didn't get electrocuted here!!
Mud and electricity!!

Distance: 2.2miles
Time: 21mins
glasses of wine consumed since said run: 3

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