Saturday, 14 June 2014

Day 14: bought to you by excuse number 78 & 83: crap headphones and muggy weather

Today was going to be the one where I got to 5 miles. Honest!! After a morning of lazing about and putting off the inevitable by watching new episodes of Game of Thrones ( Tyrion is my fav character and he should be everyones!) I forced myself into my running gear.

I had forgotten that I left my proper headphones at work on Friday and am having to resort to using the really shit ones you get with your phone, so the microphone bit bangs against my shoulder and annoys the crap out of me. This instantly put me off doing anything other than a shortish run. My Garmin also ran out of battery so I would not have been able to properly chart my run, and we all know how important that it. I do realise I can use mapmyrun or something but I am lazy.

Once out running, the horrible clammy weather just added to my bad state of running-mind. I did my obligatory circuit of the park and that was it. I will try to get to my 5 mile target next week.

Tomorrow's blog will probably be brought to you by excuse no. 3 - late night and hangover. I have Torture Garden club night so the corset will be out! Unfortunately corsets and muggy weather don't mix but hey ho...

distance: 3.4
Time: around 35 mins (not sure as my Garmin ran out of battery early on)
excuses used today: 2

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