Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 21: awesome hill walking

No running today but no less effort was made. Went to  borrowdale to do a little exploring and it turned out to be a very good 8 hours of hills. Saw lots of dragonflies and sheep.

We started off at the bowderstone which is bad all a very big rock, was pretty cool tho. Then walked to Stonewhwaite, Watendlath, saw a couple of tarns, then walked back. As per tradition, my mum lost me for a bit by taking a slight wrong turn and had to ask a fellow walker if she had seen "my pink-haired daughter. She found me eventually. I took lots of photos but I can't upload them to this at the moment so will do so in another blog. I do however have some I took last night, wandering around the village. It really is beautiful here.

Needless to say we totally earned our pint at the Boot and Shoe today :) if you are ever around the Greystoke area (near Penrith), I would highly recommend this pub, lovely food, lovely people and a gorgeous beer garden that has giant connect four, ping pong amongst others.

Distance: about 9 miles, at a rough guess
Time: 8 hours
Sheep seen: 100s!

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