Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 17: Where I almost melt

My longest run so far this year (I think - at least since my injury). Also the first time this month I have ran at work!

Picked a great day to do 5miles when I'm not used to it, forgot my water bottle, had a fairly hilly route and am generally tired from lack of sleep. It was a hard slog and there were moments where I thought my inner organs would be sweated out of me. There was very little shade to run in and when I stopped for a  walking breather, my whole body would go up another degree!

Got to the end though and without stopping properly and finally found some shade for stretching out.

I came back to my desk generally resembling a tomato - the hot showers at work not helping much.

distance: 5 miles
time: 50mins 57secs

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