Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 28: It started in a sophisticated manner ...

Well, its the morning afternoon after the night before. I could only do a quick run as I had a wine tasting to go to. So I kidded myself that I was doing a 1 miles 'time trial'. If I couldn't go far I would at least try to go fast. So I ran round the estate at my parents. I did a 8min40sec mile. Not incredibly fast run but there was a bit of a hill at the end so all in all not bad. Now I say it was a time trial but if I am honest it was the shortest run I thought it could get away with. It would have been shorter but I had got to 0.7miles and in my anal love of having an nice round number I went for the complete mile :)
The definition of sophistication!

So onto the I say it started off rather sophisticated. A lovely wine tasting at Dynamic Earth where you actually got to meet the wine makers them selves and taste some pretty lovely wines. Now I made the mistake of not having any dinner before - I blame this on my needed to do my Junethon exercise first! So as you can imagine a lot of wine and a few crackers and cheese (and a little bit of pie) it didn't take too long for getting a bit tipsy  pretty drunk.

Anyway, needless to say as the night wore on...instead of going home when I should have I eneded up in my beloved rock dive moshing to guns 'n' roses and rage against the machine. Hence this rather late blog writen with a lovely hangover...and to make matters worse there is NO nice food in the house. AND I had scheduled a 10K run for today...mmm yeah, we will have to see how THAT one goes : /

distance: 1.01miles
time: 8mins40sec
wine consumed: too much
actual duration of being actually sophistcated: mmm, about 30mins...

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  1. Well done on your time trial today. I think a miles a respectable enough distance, it's been my token gesture on at least 3 occasions this Juneathon!:-)