Tuesday, 10 June 2014

day 10: I'd rather do the washing up...

Today my boyfriend Ian implied that I was using my Juneathon commitments to shurk helping out doing the washing up -which I totally wasn't by the way! Usually I would prefer to do exercise than any kind of housework, as anyone who knows me will testify :) But today I would have loved to stay and clean the kitchen than experience the less than 2 mile run my still very sore legs and blistered toes managed to muster this evening.

So not much to report on the run, except for the strange man jogging in a deerstalker hat...his head must have been very warm!
distance: 1.8miles
time: 16mins
boyfriends being made to do the washing up: 1
men jogging in funny hats: 1

Also, as promised here are some pics from the sunny part of my walk up Ben Oss (and another Munro I can't remember the name of.)

Ben Lui in the distance

Loch Lomond

View from my run the previous evening

sunset from Crianlarich Hostel

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