Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 26 - Does walking fast round a retail park count?

'Cause it was tiring and in between the said shopping and hair-dying sessions, it is all I managed today - though I threw in 20 push-ups to make me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

The shopping mission was to find a gypsy-style skirt for a themed party this weekend. Now, I haven't been round fashion shops for a long time, and can I just say, fashion sucks right now...though I did come away with a nice Bench dress for really cheap :)...but no gypsy skirt - I mean it's summer, there should always be gypsy skirts for summer?!

So anyway, in my hunt for said skirt, I reckon I managed to walk for about 1.5miles.. And it was fast as I wanted to get home ASAP as my hair-dying takes an aweful long time (pink, purple and blue hair is very high maintenance!). Even then, here I am at almost 11pm still with dye in my hair, writing this.

I'll post the fruits of the hair-dying labour (thanks Ian!) on tomorrow's blog :)

distance: 1.5miles (very rough guess)
time: mmm, no idea!
gypsy skirts bought: 0
nice dress bought:1
time taken to do hair: 2 hours and counting...

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