Monday, 16 June 2014

Day 15 - running home from the pub (with a bit of dancing thrown in)

I did warn that there would be more slacking excuses...However, although the blog is a little on the late side (but well within the 24 hour rule) I did do some exercise on Sunday.

Firstly, if you include dancing in a corset and stompy boot until just before 3am, I would say I had a pretty good exercise session, but secondlly, just to ensure that I did do some actual daytime exercise, I did run for a bit on my way home from the pub :) I had planned to do a bar pushup and get Ian to take a photo but my interest in the beer the pub served and getting a food menu slightly distracted me from it.

So after beer, bread and dips, a bowl of muscles, fries and wine, I attempted to run part of the way home. It is difficult to do this after all the aforementioned food and in non-running-friendly jeans. It wasn't long before I got a stitch. And not before Ian whizzed by me to show me up even more...grrr

So, that was the extent of my efforts for Sunday - lesson learned - lots of food and running don't mix.

distance: can't have been more than 0.3 miles
dancing done: about 1 hour (in stompy boots!)

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