Saturday 7 June 2014

day 7 A hill walk of 2 halves

It started off well. If you don't include my decision to do a longer walk than I had planned. Instead of 4miles I thought 10 would be a good idea. Well it wasn't. Going up was ok, it was definitely on the marshy side but the sun was out (as were the midges) and we made good progress. Got to the first summit fine (didn't know we were doping 2 Munros until this point!). Got to our arranged mountain top at 14:14 - a good 5 hours. By this time we could see the weather coming in. It was litke it was waiting for us. As soon as we started our desent the rain came. I did have waterproofs but my trousers were so heavy I ended up taking them off. Especially as we discovered to go down we basically had to climb halfway up the peak of the first mountain we did. I actually almost cried. The rest of the desent was the same: boggy conditions with driving rain. I swear the return journey seemed twice as long. There was a river crossing which went well on the way up but by the time we got there on the way down we were already very wet and tired and the rocks were much more slippery due to all the rain. So we just decided to wade through. We also had the lovely experience of seeing a dead, decaying sheep on the last leg of the walk. I am now pretty much limping. And to make things worse I have a 5:30am start tomorrow to get back to Edinburgh to do Color Me Rad 5K. Normally I would be "pffffh, that's a warm up" but I am really not looking forward to it. My phone also decided to stop working so this blog is comeing to you via the youth hostel computer, which explains why I have managed a proper blog post!! Wish me luck for tomorrow, I am now away for a very well deserved beer! Stats: distance: 10miles (ish) time: aobut 8hours. Munros conquered: 2 (though it was really practically 2 and a half!) dead sheep encountered:1


  1. Hopefully a good nights rest will cheer you up. Well done a some walking in awful conditions.
    I did a color me rad a couple of weeks ago, it was simply good fun, the running was irrelevant as people were queuing at the colour stations, but my friend and I ran up the middle and the las person throwing paint rarely had anyone there, so we got color and moved on quickly, we really enjoyed it.
    Just do what we did, go for the fun of it

  2. Eeeuuuwww. About the sheep, not about the rest.