Sunday, 8 June 2014

Day 8: Color Me RAD!

I am broken...properly broken. My legs no longer work and my feet are knots of soreness. After the horrors of yesterday's downhill walk in the rain, I awoke at 5:30am to return to Edinburgh to do a 5km fun run which involved getting powdered corn starch in a variety of colours thrown at you on the way round. It was brilliant. The event was slightly spoilt by the process of leaving the venue. I had to bring a car due to having to come down from he hills. It took over an hour to leave the car park! As a reward, I went out to the Meadows Festival - a community run festival with stalls and bands playing. We had a wee barbeque and some beer and wine in the sunshine. It went a little way to ease the pain of my sore muscles and multiple blisters.

distance: 3.1 miles
time: not sure but somewhere around the 35 minute mark
time it will take to get all the colour off me: days!

I stayed this messy all day :)

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