Sunday, 22 June 2014

day 22: She'll be skirting round the mountain when she walks...

I didn't exactly go up a mountain today but sort of went along the bottom of it for a bit and kind of went up a bit so the peaks didn't look quite so foreboding. An awesome walk and got some amazing views.

My legs were still pretty sore from yesterday but still didn't stop me from needing to run a little bit extra so I could go up to Ruthwaithe Lodge just because it was there...and just up a bit more to see what was around the corner. So I could add a bit of fell running to my logged exercise today - and yesterday in fact as I had to run back to the place we had lunch as I had dropped one of my rings.

One of the peaks of Hellvelen - one to do properly another day

We walked all that! Sore feet right about here.

 Saw lots more sheep - and some very cute, late lambs and took lots of photos of them, but unfortnately they haven't uploaded yet :( will put them up tomorrow!

I really didn't want to come home today. Its been such a lovely weekend - the beautiful weather being the icing on the cake.

Back to pounding the pavements of Edinburgh tomorrow though :(

distance: 7 miles thanks to the extra half mile running up to see what was round the corner.
time: 3hours 30 mins
total sheep seen: millions!

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