Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day 19: Where I try to be good...

...But my parents ruin it all by offering me beer - which, to be fair, my dad opened by accident last night and put the top back on but absolutely needed to be drank before it went flat.

A small blip in my attempts at being good (lemon meringue pie not withstanding). I have even removed myself from temptation this weekend as my friend is having a birthday party and instead, as I am doing down south-wards for work tomorrow, I have decided to hide in the Lake District and run in the countryside this weekend instead of being unhealthy and staying up all day/ night drinking. Gold star!!

I actually had a nice run tonight and despite a few steep hills I managed to get under the 10min mile average my friend points out I always seem to hit :) I also managed to get some nice photos of my view as I took my phone out for its first run (totally paranoid I'm going to drop it as its bulkier than my old one!)

Another lovely evening - long may this summer last! I tried to take a decent picture of a wee bunny but just as I was about to 2 dogs came haring up and chased it into the bushes :( but I got it nevertheless.

Just before some dogs chased it away.
I love this view I live in some flats just below the end of the crags which is the flat bit next to the ridge that is Arthur Seat.

distance: 4.3miles
time: 42mins42secs
days this week without alcohol: 0 (oh dear...)

There were some horses here too but were off to the left.

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