Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 11: Run with a beer break

It was a good run for a few reasons today. Firstly, my blisters are pretty much healed so I am not walking like an injured penguin. One of my thighs is still quite DOMS-sore but all in all recovery is going very well. This meant that I managed my longest run for a while - just over 4miles. This was however, made a little easier by the fact that I stopped off half way through to say hello to some friends who were sitting on the meadows enjoying the sun (the meadows being a good park space in central-ish Edinburgh where many students, hippy types, exercising types, lets-go-out-for-a-BBQ-types and many other 'types' go to enjoy what little summer we tend to get around here).

These friends were also enjoying a beer or two, and it would have been rude not to sit and join in.So I had a nice mid-run beer :) Could get used to that kind of refreshment on a run. But I would imagine that a little too much could make the run home a little harder.

So I am sensible and go home to do some dreaded housework and make some soup (lentil, chorizo and tomato in case you wondered.)

Finding it hard to fit all the Juneathoning in with other life-stuff but getting used to a few less hours sleep and achy limbs is all part of the fun...

distance: 4.1miles
time: 39mins40secs
beers consumed mid-run: 1

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