Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 16: BBQ and beer with a bit of running thrown in...

This is becoming a habit. I blame the summer which decides on appearing on days like Monday...Stuck in an office when the skies are azure blue is really not fair. I got in too late to be able to do my blog last night so here it is now (on another sunny office-bound morning)

So, dinner time came and being in the flat was not going to be happening. Was supposed to be at a friend's  birthday dinner but the restaurant of choice was Cosmo, an 'international' buffet style place which, on having been before, didn't really do anything for me. Congealing curries on hot plates and kids running about high on sugar from the chocolate fountain is not my idea of restaurant bliss. It also has no windows and on a sunny day that was the decider.

So BBQ is was. I let Ian deal with getting it started while I did a couple of laps of the meadows. I don't run well in the heat but the promise of a cold beer spurred me on and even managed a 5km in under 30mins! :) As is typical of my luck by the time I had ran and stretched, the clouds had come in but it was still warm and the food was coming. Way too much food - think I ate equivalent of 3 meals in one evening! And being Scottish, as long as its not raining we will stay out until it gets dark.
Just so you know - I did help with the BBQ, not just a man's job :)

Men and BBQs - a classic combination :)
distance: 3.1miles
time: 29mins 26secs
food eaten: way too much

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