Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 23: where I break the 9 minute mile barrier

It was a short one but I made it worth it by running faster :) Had to be a quick lunchtime circuit as I needed to leave work to go try to buy a bike. I even managed to do a mile in 8 mins 51seconds!! Speedy Gonzales eats dust...ok, maybe not.

I'm doing the cycle to work scheme thing which means I get a tax free bike worth £10000 and pay for it over a year through my salary. As I know nothing about bikes, Ian has taken over the decision making process. This means that when we were in the shop asking if they had the one he (I'm sorry, we) had decided was best for me, the guy in the shop seemed to come to the conclusion that I was using my Cycle to Work voucher to buy a bike for Ian. My first reaction was that he had looked at me and thought "she doesn't look fit enough to be interested in mountain biking", which totally annoyed me. OK, so Ian did the asking and knows way more than me about bikes but the guy in the shop should not have presumed that I didn't.

Anyway, the bike has been requested from the warehouse and hopefully soon I'll have a very awesome mountain bike (and then I'll only have to learn how to actually go down mountains without breaking myself).

 No photos of awesome bike totty so some more pics from the weekend instead :)
distance 2.3miles
time: 20mins 48secs
Randy damsel flies: 2

Randy Damsel flies

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