Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Day 24: hello muscles, long time no see

I am very tired today after an ill advised late night last night, which started, as these things often do with cocktails. See how nice they look! so I couldn't face coming home, getting changed and going out for a run. Instead I opted for doing a bit of strength training indoors.

Seemed timely after roping in some friends (or victims may be more appropriate) into joining me for next year's Tough Mudder. I gave it a miss this year but ready for more punishment and this time I am going to train with more intent - I actually aim to be able to do at least ONE monkey bar before plummeting into the cold dirty water!

So this means a proper schedule of weight training and actually getting round to using the pull up bar that Ian 'expertly' (hahahahaha) put up last year - still not sure if it will take my weight! And by commiting nice and early I have given myself plenty of time to actually get to the state of fitness I want.

I am starting and building up slowly though. So just did a set of exercises for most of my muscle groups. I won't list them all cause that would bore everyone, and I really can't be bothered.

So this is the official start of  'project pull up' :)

distance: none
time: about 30mins
Willing Tough Mudder Victims recruited: 7 and counting :)

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