Tuesday, 10 January 2012

day 10 - the one with no title...

...cause I couldn't think of one.

My most uneventful run so far, so won't say much about it - was a route round the braid hills I've done countless times (though I still checked the distance on mapmyrun). I did my run at lunchtime today to save some time as I had to do food shopping this evening.  Thanks to my run I ate a very saintly cup of soup from the canteen. Was a bit concerned as by the time I went for my shopping I was pretty hungry, and as they say, you shouldn't food shop when hungry (or hungover in my case) - and in my case I'm terrible for buying loads of stuff I shouldn't. But I can proudly say that it was all fittingly healthy an in keeping with the 'get fit and slim in January' vibe. Was rather proud of myself - though no doubt I will probably wish I had bought something more interesting (read 'bad for you') in the next few days hours.

So stats 'n stuff:

distance: 7.73 km (according to Map My Run)
time: 45mins
calories: no garmin, no idea
junk food bought: none :)


  1. Nice run. I am also wishing for something interesting.

  2. "Never do a food shop when you're hungry." When am I supposed to do a food shop then? I'm always hungry. I haven't had chocolate this week either, but my 'no alcohol' went out the window early doors! Yey! to Mr Jim Beam.

  3. HAHAHAHA - it's like you're in my head...always buy healthy and within 10 mins of getting home start moaning at hubby that we have nothing 'nice' in the house...brilliant! Why have we not met up yet? Are you near London?

    1. :) yep, good shopping intentions never stretch to when you get home!
      Sadly I'm all the way up north in Edinburgh. Alwasy sad to miss the post-janathon get together.

  4. That's where I go wrong every time I go shopping, oops! Loving the lunchtime run, great time saver in a busy day, something I might have to think about because early mornings are out of the question! Lol :)

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