Sunday, 29 January 2012

day 29 - healthy hedonism

Another Sunday run following 4 hours sleep so only 3 miles today round the meadows. Not much to report on it really, wasn't too slow, wasn't too fast. Instead I'll tell you about my day yesterday  - I had a brilliant one overall - experiencing all the variety that life can offer sometimes. After my very healthy morning of running I went shopping, coming away with a PVC skirt and a new black and purple corset both of which looked awesome. Also bought some long overdue new music. After the shopping spree, I went to the theatre to see The Infamous Brothers Davenport which was brilliant. After which I went and had a delicious meal, complete with pre-dinner cocktails and rather scrummy red wine. After that I went to a fetish themed night at a near by club, rather fittingly called Violate. Thankfully I wasn't really drinking so not really hungover today, just very tired. So all in all a rather bizarre collection of activities. To balance all this out, I am having a very relaxed day with the Sunday papers.

Not very run-themed this time but it wasn't that exciting today...


distance: 3miles
time: 27mins29secs
calories: 384
evenings of hedonism: 1


  1. A top day all round and kudos on running on 4hrs sleep x

  2. A definite 'Well done!' for running on so little sleep! Amazing! :)