Wednesday 4 January 2012

day 4: if it's not the weather, it's a cold

With the weather first trying to thwart my efforts in this year's janathon its now my second cold of the winter that's out to confound me. I started last year's month of running with a nasty cold and really thought that when I had and got rid of one before xmas I had had a lucky escape but it was not to be. I went out early this morning - before the seeming endless rain and wind returned - accompanied with a cough that was threatening to help me rid myself of a lung on the way round. Still, amazingly I managed a not-very-speedy 2.6 miles. After which I struggled through most of a day at work before giving up just after 3pm and retired to my bed.

Really hoping a very early night and copious amounts of ginger/lemon/honey drinks will kill this thing so I can get out running properly though the weather is still plotting against me!

distance: 2.64miles
time: 25.48
hot lemon drinks consumed: lost count


  1. Colds are like that, they lurk around the place just waiting for the moment when you're really looking forward to doing something, then wham! they've got you. A bit like squirrels.
    Get well soon, and well done for actually running today.

  2. Oh no I hope you're feeling better soon. Well done for getting out there.

  3. Poor you, feel better soon