Saturday, 28 January 2012

day 28 - 100 BOOM!

103 to be exact. So have actually beaten my planned goal with 3 days to spare!  Was done in style as well. It is a freezing morning (I still have goosebumps post-shower!) but sunny and I felt pretty good as my night wasn't too heavy and was in by 11pm after eating my body weight is Chinese food. I felt like a nice long-ish run down by the seaside in Portobello. There were plenty of people braving the cold morning: runners, cyclists and quite frankly insane swimmers!! Yes, people swimming IN THE SEA on a very frosty January morning. 3 of them! Despite Scotland's reputation as the sick man of Europe and our terrible diet and lifestyle, there was no evidence of this here - just lots of people getting fit in various and crazy ways.

Was very happy with my run this morning. Not sure my effort tomorrow will be as good as I am out on a fetish club night tonight...for which I now have to go buy an outfit made of PVC (its the rules according to the friend I am going with!). Looking forward to some good dancing to industrial goth music :)

distance: 7.3 miles
time: 1hour8mins12seconds (am into triple digits!!)
calories: 928
insane swimmers in the sea: 3
Goals well and truly beaten: 1
PVC outfit to buy: 1


  1. Well done on the century! Not sure what industrial goth music sounds like, but enjoy yourself tonight.