Sunday, 15 January 2012

day 15 - I am hardcore

I wasn't really looking forward to running today, despite being one of those crisp, sunny winter days. I emerged from my flat having had 4 and a half hours sleep - really the dancing that took place between midnight and 3am could have counted as my Janathon effort - with a mild headache and sore legs from dancing all night. It wasn't a fully blown hangover but enough of one to make me what to stay indoors in my pjs. I thought I would only managed a pretty slow mile or so but miraculouslly once I got going I started to feel better.  I have hence come to the conclusion that a (gentle) run in the freezing cold is the new (mild) hanover cure - don't think it would work with a full on one though. Obviously I am not a medically trained expert so feel free to ignore this the next time you wake from a night on the tiles and think - "Yes, a run would do me the world of good!".

I ran down in cramond which is a great running spot as its nice and flat with great views over the firth of forth towards fife.  As the tide was out I even managed to run over to Cramond Island which is ususally cut off from the main land when the tide is in. I haven't done this since I was a kid and there are even more lovely view - you can see the forth rail bridge one way and the Edinburgh vista in the other - I am now sounding like a rep for visitscotland so I will stop now :)

It was a bit slow as the path out to the Island is rather uneven with a bit of running on sand and up a hill at the end. By the time I got back I had run 3.2 miles. I know that isn't very much but in my sleep deprived, hungover state I thought that was a pretty ok effort.

distance: 3.2miles
time: 34mins
hangovers cured: 1


  1. I really must visit Eninburgh, it's on my 'things to do' list! I used to be based at Machrihanish, have stayed in Glasgow, and East Kilbride (Yuk!), but I think Edinburgh is the place to be. Sounds like a great run today, especially after the night before (yay you!). Well done C.

  2. Bloody great effort on so little sleep and a mild hangover... And your route/location sounds gorgeous (jealous) well done for doing it because I know between that and pj's which I'd choose ;) although if it cures a hangover it might be worth a try x

  3. Great effort. Well done for getting out on a hangover.