Tuesday, 31 January 2012

day 31 - Going out in style

Last day of Janathon and one of the best runs I have had all month :) Pretty good considering running was the last thing I felt like doing on the way home from work. But somehow I managed to psyche myself up and went out feeling positive. Am also wondering if it was my thermal tights I had dug out - my thighs and bun were  definitely feeling less cold than before and it seemed to make my legs feel lighter and faster. I didn't think I would manage the 6 miler that my training plan said I should be doing, especially with the hills that I threw into my route but I managed over that around the hour mark.

I always have mixed feeling at the end of an 'athon - while I am looking forward to my first rest day tomorrow and getting some of my free time back, I will miss the community of brilliant people that take part in the events and reading everyone's stories. My running will not be letting up though as I have a pretty intense 11 weeks of half marathon ahead of me.

My last stats:

distance: 6.6miles
time: 1hour52seconds
calories: 884


distance: 116.3miles running only (a big improvement on last year!) 118miles including cross training
time: 21.4 hours
calories: ooooh thousands!!

Hope to be back in June for another 'athon but for now, I plan to carry on my training and hopefully find time for a few blogs along the way.


  1. Excellent stuff, well done - have very similar feelings about coming to the end!

  2. What a #Janathon! Fantastic effort C. You should be well proud of yourself. Looking forward to #Juneathon too, and I will stick around the -athon twitter community until then, so I will be reading your blogs. Keep the training plan going and you'll blast your future races. Good luck.

  3. Congratulations on a great run and on making it to the end of Janathon! Thanks for all your support and encouragement. Hope to stay in touch via blogs and twitter. :)

  4. Great Janathon effort, well done! :-)

  5. Good luck with the next 11 weeks and well done on the last four and a bit!

  6. Well done lovely, a great mileage that's for sure :) Loved reading your blogs and thanks for the support all the way through; that's what i'll miss most about janathon x

  7. Ooooooh brill mileage well done!