Saturday, 14 January 2012

day 14 - Everyone likes a top 10 list

According to a successful blogger anyway. So here's mine of top 10 things I like and don't like about running. Just so you know I'm not doing a list thing because I'm being lazy!!!

Top 10 things I DO like about running:
  1.  It allows me to eat cake (and cheese and drink wine)
  2. Make me feel good - at least after the run
  3. Doing mad things like Janathon and meeting (maybe not in person) lots of lovely people
  4. Buying new running gear
  5. Feeling of satisfaction on completing a race
  6. making up new running playlists for my iPod
  7. having a reason to get up early on a weekend (yes really)
  8. enables me to outrun hypothetical attackers/murders
  9. enjoying pretty scenery
  10. getting fresh air
Top 10 things I don't like about running
  1. It is time consuming
  2. Constantly having dry cracked feet
  3. Having to go out in the cold and rain for things like Janathon
  4. not being able to afford new running gear
  5. Technology failures so I don't know how far/fast I have ran
  6. having to get up early on a weekend
  7. Injuries
  8. I have ran out of cons for not running (which is probably a good thing!)
Anyway, my run today was along the Innocent railway cycle path and I managed the 5 miles I said to Fairweatherrunner and runningman856 I would do though it wasn't my best speed.

distance: 5.1miles
time: 47mins47secs


  1. I think we can all identify with your lists! Well done for following up on your promise, a good 5 miles in the bag! Enjoy your 'boozy lunch' (which you also promised!)

  2. its not the hypothetical ones you need to worry about! But coming in at #1 - CAKE! Love it :-)

  3. Great lists! I've only recently got back into exercising regularly, and have only just started running (well rulking, really) but I found myself nodding and smiling as I read them. :)

  4. Yep, I'm with you on the lists too... The pro's definitely outweighs the cons... Mom wine and cheese, nommy