Sunday, 1 January 2012

off to a wobbly start

Well, not the best start but it was never going to be!  Unlike last year where I had a very quiet hogmanay, I was out with friends to do the Edinburgh street party (which was brill though a little crowded!) and much drinking was done and I got in around 4:30am.

So, with a still pounding head at 3pm today I managed to stagger out to do a rather short lap of the estate which only equated to a mile. But I got out at least and it a counts. There were a few hungover runs in Juneathon but as of today I am having a dry January so this will be my one and only hungover Janathon day. Will get the mileage up.

Hope all fellow Janathoners have had a good start or at least a better one than me :)

distance: 1.17miles
time: 11mins48sec
hangovers: 1


  1. Well done for getting started when youre feeling worse for wear. Happy New Year x

  2. A mile is better than nothing! Well done :)

  3. Good a start as any! Happy New Year :)

  4. Pretty good start considdering!